Theme Camps

Ages 4 to 10

Be the first to participate in our exciting interactive camps! The enthusiastic and talented Turnbull Summer Camps staff are here to fill your summer with good times. For your little ones, strap them in and ready them for adventures that include water games, crafts, and picnics. The children will also learn about their different senses, nature and animals. Campers will need to tie their shoes tight, lather on sunscreen and prepare for exploration and adventure! Get crafty, get active and prepare to engage your brain in a wide array of activities.

The older children can enjoy both hanging out and getting active this summer. Play some board games, make a boxcar or go to the beach! All camps will have the opportunity to explore the city with a weekly morning and afternoon outing or have onsite visits from special guests!

Summer Theme Camp Schedule

July 8 – 12


Ages 4 – 5

Let’s Get Messy

Does your child enjoy getting his/her hands and feet dirty? How about some fun crafts? This is the camp for your little ones! Come join us for some body painting and tie-dye in the morning. Also, spend one very special afternoon being a chef, baking up a storm.

Ages 6 – 10

Amazing Chase

Congratulations, you have made it to the checkpoint! From this point forward your challenges will become harder, complete them to get closer to the prize. Upcoming check points are located at Fun Haven one morning and during an afternoon hike in the Gatineau Park.

July 15 – 19

Ages 4 – 5

Under The Rainbow

Follow the leprechaun, for he will lead you to the end of the rainbow. This week your child will learn about colours and their senses. Every day we will wear a new colour, have daily crafts and enjoy sensory play activities. Radical Science will also come hang out with us one afternoon!

Ages 6 – 10

Ninja Warriors

Tie up your shoes, fill up your water bottle and get ready to sweat. Test out the OCR Academy (Obstacle Course Race) Ninja Warrior course one the afternoon and learn the basics on self-defense from a Martial Art master one of the mornings.

July 22 – 26

Ages 4 – 5

Trail Mix

Let’s take a stroll through the neighborhood and play I Spy. What will we find along the way? Bring the birds to your back yard when you make your very own bird feeder. Learn about gardening and grow your own flower.

Ages 6 – 10

Discover & Explore

Tie your shoes tight or kick them off, think like a monkey with long arms and strengthen your grip. Row, row, row your canoe quickly down the lake, harness up and grab a paddle. Try out the rock wall one morning and float away in a canoe one afternoon.

July 29 – August 2

Ages 4 – 5

Splish Splash

Hang out by the bubble pool, throw sponges and balloons, dump buckets of water and spray your counsellors with the hose. Spend the week getting wet a different way each day and have a blast on our large inflatable Slip & Slide one afternoon.

Ages 6 – 10

Wet N’ Wild

Are you someone who loves all things to do with water? Spend the week getting soaked a different way each day. Make sand castles in the early morning and slip into the afternoon with an inflatable Slip n’ Slide.

August 6 – 9

Ages 4 – 5

Monkeying Around

Come join us for a fun-filled week of learning about animals with a visit from the Zoo Crew in the afternoon. For those of you who have something special that you love to share, bring it in Friday morning for our Show and Tell.

Ages 6 – 10

Ready, Set, Match

Spend this week learning and playing a few different board games, let’s also master your card skills. Are you someone who is creative and likes to make your own rules? Why not make your own board game? You will also have a special visit from the Games To Go truck, where you will have a chance to play some of your favourite video games.

August 12 – 16

Ages 4 – 5

Picnic Party

It’s been a very busy summer, what better way to end the summer than with a teddy bear picnic. Help us make a delicious fruit salad and get crafty with our homemade decorations. Roll out of bed and come to camp, no need to change. Wear your favourite pajamas or best costume for the day.

Ages 6 – 10

Escape the Day

Lather on that sun screen, put on a hat and grab your shades. Yes you guessed it, morning BEACH DAY! Also, be Sherlock Holmes for an afternoon, put your heads together and solve the clues to escape the room at the Escape Manor Junior. Team work is really important this week!