Theme Camps Age 4-5

Participate in our exciting interactive camps! The enthusiastic and talented Turnbull Summer Camps staff are here to fill your summer with good times. Strap you little ones in and ready them for adventures that include water games, crafts, and picnics. The children will also learn about their different senses, nature and animals. Campers will need to tie their shoes tight, lather on sunscreen and prepare for exploration and adventure! Get crafty, get active and prepare to engage your brain in a wide array of activities.


Week 1 (July 6-10)

Getting Dirty: Pack some extra clothes for this week because it’s going to get messy! Paint yourselves and the staff, do some planting and have fun with crafts. Also, enjoy making a special, yummy, “dirty” treat.

Week 2 (July 13-17)

Little Chefs: Come make some awesome recipes in the morning with the summer staff of Turnbull. The afternoons will be spent doing activities and crafts. On one of days, we will visit a farm to pick berries. Your child will learn important lessons on food preparation, as well as the benefits of healthy choices. At the end of the week you will have a chance to enjoy some of the chef’s yummy creations!

Week 3 (July 20-24)

Barn Yard Adventures: Do you know your animal sounds? Let’s read Old McDonald Had A Farm to refresh your memory. Spend each day learning about a different animal and make a fun craft. Enjoy fun outdoor activities including a trip to Valley View Little Animal Farm.

Week 4 (July 27-31)

The Big Splash: If your child likes the water, this is the right camp! This week is sure to be a wet one! We’ll be swimming, playing with water balloons, enjoying a large slip n slide, and much more. Come join us for a cool, refreshing week.

Week 5 (Aug 4-7 short week)

Fairy Tale Time: Have you ever dreamed of being a character from a fairy tale? Look no further! Each day, jump into a new theme, come dressed up and become whatever character you wish, from the Fairy Godmother to Prince Charming. Meet Beauty and the Beast, and may your dreams come true. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo!

Week 6 (Aug 10-14)

All Ball: Run, kick, dribble and throw; these are just a few movements we will do this week. Learn all about different sports such as soccer, basketball and skipping. Tighten your shoe laces, grab your water bottle and get ready to activate your motion to turbo speed!