Theme Camps Age 6-11

The enthusiastic and talented Turnbull Summer Camp staff are here to fill your summer with good times. Older children will enjoy both hanging out and getting active this summer. Engage in activities indoors and out, learn the benefits of healthy food choices, visit the beach, try out “bubble” soccer and so much more! All camps will have the opportunity to explore the city with a weekly outing, have onsite visits from special guests or implement your very own spectacular event!

Week 1 (July 6-10)

Ninja Warriors: You’ve seen the show, watched their techniques; well now it’s your turn! Throughout the week test your teamwork, strength, balance and mind. Design an obstacle course, solve a riddle hunt and more. To help prepare you for this, we will head to Altitude Gym and participate in their Clip ‘n Climb course. Ready….Set….Go!

Week 2 (July 13-17)

Culinary Master: Are you someone who likes to help out in the kitchen? Well, this week is your time to shine! Each afternoon you will prepare delicious creations, anything from savory to sweet. Also, on one of days, we will visit a farm to pick some berries. Spend the mornings doing fun activities both indoors and out.

Week 3 (July 20-24)

Experimental Observatory: Now we’re talking science! You will spend each day conducting, learning and enjoying fun science experiments. Get shocked with static electricity, build your own soda pop bottle rocket, and cool down by making ice cream and so much more. Spend some time, one afternoon, exploring the Canada Science and Technology Museum.

Week 4 (July 27-31)

SOAKER Mode: Let’s get wet and wild this week with all kinds of water activities! Have fun with water balloons, splash around in a wading pool and glide across a large inflatable slip ‘n slide. On one of the days, soak up the sun and make a sand castle while you spend an afternoon at the beach.

Week 5 (Aug 4-7 short week)

(MMA) Mixed ­­­Matched Art: Let your mind run free, get creative and have an art attack! Spend each day producing a magnificent project, express your thoughts, emotions and imagination. One day we will have a Sheltoons artist come teach you fun, new techniques. Enjoy part of the day engaging in outdoors activities. Towards the end of the week, the young artists will help to organize an art show and present their masterpieces to parents.

Week 6 (Aug 10-14)

All about Them Sports: Do you like sports such as basketball, soccer and ultimate Frisbee? Great! We are going to be leaping and jumping into them this week. Whether you are experienced or not, we will teach and reinforce the skills, and even help you master them! Throughout the week, enjoy some “bubble soccer” and test your agility with a large, inflatable obstacle course. Come join us for a week that is sure to be active.